MLS Toolkit


As a MOREMLS member, you have access to many innovative tools and valuable resources that can help grow your business, meet clients’ expectations, and simplify daily tasks.

All tools and products are a MOREMLS subscriber benefit

ListHub is a powerful benefit of MLS membership, providing a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform for managing the online advertising of listings. ListHub gives the MLS a platform to help brokers manage the complexities of their online marketing across a wide variety of reputable real estate marketing websites. ListHub provides a controlled platform to enable brokers to deliver accurate, MLS-sourced listings to consumers. MLSs are in the business of managing broker listing data. ListHub is an important extension of that mission. 

RE Technology’s goal is to help every real estate professional learn how to leverage technology more effectively so they can be more successful. Consumers expect the seamless use of technology in real estate transactions. They demand real-time responsiveness, online access to rich real estate information, market insights and total transparency to their transactions.

MyFloodStatus is the premier provider of structure-based Flood Zone Determination Reports nationwide. Their reports are certified, insured, built upon superior data and backed with expert support. They help Real Estate Buyers, Sellers and Agents confirm, challenge and know a property’s true flood status – providing clarity, confidence and peace of mind.

AgentSquared is a full IDX website customized for you, featuring your listings, your previously sold properties and the properties available at the MoreMLS. 

To access AgentSquared, login to your Flexmls account.  Sign-up by simply clicking “AgentSquared Instant IDX Website” in the Flexmls menu of the Products section. 


MoreMLS has a direct syndication feed to This means when you enter a listing into the MLS, it shows on automatically.   

The feed goes out every 15 minutes so your listings are viewable by prospective clients / buyers shortly after you enter them into the MLS.

The MoreMLS has partnered with Elevate, an MLS-wide online service that connects agents and their clients through an integrated platform of client management, sales productivity and direct marketing tools. Elevate automates, tracks and analyzes client activities in an agent-managed, real time environment that encourages collaboration and communication. 

Realist can be accessed through FlexMLS under Menu/Taxes.

RentSpree allows you to collect rental applications and screen tenants electronically.

RPR is the nation’s largest property database, exclusively for REALTORS®. RPR puts data, tools, and reports at your fingertips so you can respond to questions and requests instantly, and position yourself as an essential part of every transaction. 

Remine is a platform that provides agents with modern tools and new data to do more business

ShowingTime products and services improve the showing scheduling and management process for real estate agents, allowing them to focus on more important tasks in growing their business.  Whether you have one listing, dozens of listings or specialize as a buyer’s agent, ShowingTime products and services can help real estate agents achieve their goals.

The New Jersey REALTORS® provides REALTORS® access to a comprehensive transaction management system.

The benefit includes Transactions (zipForm Edition), unlimited zipVault® document storage, and an exclusive NAR library of REALTOR® Forms & Templates. State and local forms libraries are also available.

The SafeShowings app is used to deter criminal behavior against Real Estate Professionals, Home Owners, and Clients.  This app allows you to:

  • Capture a Secure Image of the Client’s Face
  • Create an Emergency Contact List
  • Give Your Seller Security

Do not download from the app store.  Please use this code to download SafeShowings Enterprise.

If you need assistance, please call their Help Desk, 1-800-268-8437

Get ready to take advantage of an exciting member benefit that will soon be available to you: Offer Manager by ShowingTime. This powerful tool helps improve efficiency and communication during the offer process, one of the most important steps in the home buying journey.

Both listing and buyer’s agents can take advantage of the flexibility and ease Offer Manager provides.