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Monmouth Ocean Regional Multiple Listing Service

FlexMLS First Time Login

  • Upon completion of New Agent Orientation, within 24 to 48 hours you will receive an email with your agent ID information.
  • Enter  into the browser
  • Your logon is mo. followed by your agent ID:   mo.12345
  • Your password is:  monow
  • On your first login, you will be required to change your password. Your new password must be 8 or more characters, one must be a number and it will be case sensitive.
  • Returning members:  Please note that your password will need to be reset if you are reactivating your membership with the Monmouth Ocean Regional MLS.  To reset your password, please contact the MLS department or e-mail [email protected]

MORMLS/FlexMLS Training

The Monmouth Ocean Regional MLS offers free hands on training webinars to its members.  As well, FlexMLS offers live webinars, recorded trainings and short tip videos to help our members get the most out of the FlexMLS platform.  These webinars are highly recommended for both new and existing members of the MLS.


FlexMLS Overview

This course covers how to set a hot sheet, run a search, e-mail, and find your niche in the system for everyday business.


Contact Management

Details the Portal, how to create a contact, modify a contact, create a subscription for automatic updates, e-mail listings manually, and modify searches.

CMAs & Map Searching

Attendees will learn how to hone in on specific areas using shapes and radius tools. In addition, it will cover how to pull the search into a custom CMA presentation.

FlexMLS Pro - Mobile App

In-depth overview of mobile app compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

Realist Tax Search

This class covers: Searching /How to save Searches; Creating and saving Search templates; Running and emailing a Report; Using Shape Drawing tools such as Polygons and Radius; Map views; Map Overlays; Finding Distressed properties and Tax Sales; Running labels; Creating Exports


This class is an overview of the MLS Enhancement product.  It will show what is included with the free-of charge lite version of the product.

If you want detailed information on any of the above topics, contact one of our Member Support Specialists for one-on-one MLS support.

Monmouth Ocean Regional MLS Support Team – 732-918-1340

Marie McAndrew, Member Services Director, x131, [email protected]
Corinne Schulze, Senior Member Services Specialist, x111, [email protected]
Sharon Yahara, Member Services Specialist, x132, [email protected]
Katelyn Baumbach, Member Services Specialist x118, [email protected]
Gwen Pezzicola, Member Services Specialist, x140, [email protected]
Susan Pagano, Member Services Specialist, x117, [email protected]

FlexMLS offers video tutorials and webinars for agents to better utilize the FlexMLS system.